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Which Items In The Trampoline Gym Are More Fun? What Do Kids Like Best?

Date:2020-08-04 05:05:42 Visit:1611

Everyone chooses where to go for daily leisure. There are many places we can choose, but now the more popular and popular is the trampoline hall. This place is very suitable for young people, middle-aged people can also be, and children prefer , So what are the fun projects here? Which items are safer to play? Now let’s find out what is fun and what kids like.
This article contains the following:
1. Free area
2. Professional area
3. Slam dunk area

4. Spider wall

trampoline hall-1

First, the free zone

One of the more fun places in the trampoline hall is the free zone. Why is this area more fun? In fact, the most important point is that the penetration rate is relatively high, everyone can play, whether middle-aged people, children or adults, can play in this place, and there are no professional requirements in this place, just bounce. It's fine, as long as you keep a normal distance, it is safer.

Second, the professional area

The professional area is also a must-have among trampoline venues. People with trampoline experience will want to come to this place, because this place is indeed very exciting and full of challenges. Everyone will love such a passionate sense of jumping, I believe Many professionals also choose to come to this place to challenge themselves.

Third, the slam dunk area

The slam dunk area is full of technology and fun. For young people, it is really fun to come here to play a slam dunk. It is really good to come here for leisure after get off work. This area feels more fun, but in fact there is no danger.

Fourth, the spider wall

The spider wall is a special project in the trampoline hall. This project is very simple. Wearing a specific costume, it will stick to the wall as long as it bounces. There is a reward at the highest place. This is indeed very fun. A project that many people really like. Everyone feels that there is no pressure on this project, as long as you can jump and bounce.

trampoline hall-2

It is recommended that everyone pay attention to safety when playing in the trampoline hall. There are many fun things in the trampoline hall, but safety is really very important. It is necessary to strictly follow the guidance of the staff to play correctly, so that it is a good tourist.