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What Are The Necessary Investment Projects For Jump Trampoline Hall?

Date:2020-05-29 02:16:04 Visit:1643

With the rapid development of China's economy, parents' expenses for their children are increasing. Trampoline, a sports project originally originated in Europe, is now extremely popular in China. Many franchisees want to enter this industry. Jump trampoline hall How much does it cost to invest, what are the necessary investment projects? There is no fixed answer to these data, and the situation of each trampoline hall is also different. Let's take a look at the approximate amount of investment.
This article mainly has the following contents:
1. Analysis of total investment

2. What are the necessary investment projects

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1. Analysis of total investment of Jump Trampoline Hall

If you want to know how much money the Jump Trampoline hall needs to invest, first of all, you need to understand the fees, generally the venue costs, decoration costs, Trampoline hall  play equipment, Trampoline hall operating costs The above introduction is a basic project, but the same expenditure item is restricted and affected by different factors, and their amounts are also different. For different cities, the rent of Jump Trampoline hall varies greatly; in addition, different brands join The cost is also different. The cost of different equipment combinations is also different. Let ’s take a 200-square-meter Jump trampoline hall as an example. If we open a high-end paradise in a first-tier city in China; the cost is about one million yuan. The cost of third-tier cities is about 500,000 yuan.

2. What are the necessary investment projects of Jump Trampoline Hall?

1. Venue rental cost: No matter what kind of business venue you want to do, the number of people is the first consideration when choosing an address. In addition, the rent of Jump trampoline hall and the cost of the property are within your own financial capacity within. If you choose a first-tier city, the rent per 100 square meters is tens of thousands of yuan a month, so the right venue in all aspects is the most important.

2. Site decoration cost: simple decoration is the best choice, so a lot of equipment needs to be placed in the indoor space, and there are few places that can be decorated. The decoration style is determined according to the combination of equipment, and the price will be higher if the grade is high. It is generally recommended that the decoration cost of 200 yuan per square meter be sufficient.

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3. Amusement equipment cost: The general price is about 500 yuan per square meter. The specific equipment project is planned according to the design plan.
4. Later operating costs: It is determined according to the operating area and operating scope. In addition, some hydropower and promotion costs will be incurred during the operation.