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What Should I Pay Attention To When Buying Trampoline Equipment? How To Do Investment Budget?

Date:2020-08-03 04:17:48 Visit:1615

There are a lot of people who open trampoline halls, but the market saturation is far from reaching the level of fun of trampolines. It is very suitable for modern people under pressure, and it is more suitable for young people. Young people are the most active in this consumer market. And it is also the most consuming, so if you open a trampoline stadium, it must be a very profitable project. The investment in this project is also relatively simple, just find a venue to buy equipment and put it into operation. Now let's take a look at how to buy trampoline equipment. It is important to make a good investment budget.
This article contains the following:
1. How to buy trampoline
2. How to do after-sales service
3. Is there any home installation

4. What aspects are included in the investment budget

1.How to buy trampolines

When buying trampoline equipment, we need to pay attention to this purchase method. Why pay attention to the purchase method? It is to save money. If you buy directly from the manufacturer, the price can be much lower. If you buy it from an agent, the price It must be higher. After all, agents also need to live and make money.

2. How to do after-sales service

After-sales service is a very important point. First of all, it depends on how long the other party’s after-sales warranty period is. The longer the warranty period, the more reliable the manufacturer’s products and the better the after-sales service, the better the reputation of the manufacturer. The product is worth buying.

3.Is there any home installation

Also know if there is on-site installation. Some manufacturers are equipped with staff on-site installation, but some manufacturers do not have this service. If you need on-site installation and commissioning, you need to pay extra. In this regard, you need to ask clearly. , You need to communicate with the manufacturer carefully before buying.

4.What aspects are included in the investment budget

Before making an investment, you must first do the budget work. One aspect is the cost of the site and decoration, the other is the cost of equipment purchase, and the other is the staff salary and the maintenance cost, which also includes the project Promotion costs, these are all calculated in it.

When purchasing   trampoline equipment, you must pay attention to the quality of the manufacturer. It is best to be detailed and comprehensive in the investment budget, so that when the project is promoted, there will not be too many problems.