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What Are The Issues Involved In Indoor Trampoline Park Investment?

Date:2020-05-27 10:33:18 Visit:2111

Indoor trampoline parks are gradually gaining attention. Nowadays, new equipment for indoor trampoline parks is beginning to be lightweight, and in order to cater to the needs of the market, many trampolines have been simplified. So, is the investment in indoor trampoline parks high?
Contains the following content:
1, investment issues
2, management issues
3, market issues

4, the question of time for the project to return

First, investment issues

Is the investment in indoor trampoline parks high? However, the investment in any of these venues will not be too low, especially when moving from outdoor to indoor, it will bring a lot of infrastructure investment, such as renovation costs, fire protection facilities costs, sound insulation costs The cost is much higher than outdoor, and most of the indoor trampoline park equipment needs to be customized. According to the height and width of the floor, find a manufacturer to customize, so the investment amount is generally relatively large.

Second, management issues

In addition to preparing large sums of money, the management requirements for indoor trampoline parks are more stringent. Since most indoor trampoline parks rent low-level commercial areas, high-level floors are often residential land, and it is noon every day, or near evening time. Too much noise will bring complaints and management troubles for the property company. Therefore, in addition to taking into account the sound insulation requirements, it also has to match the local residents in business hours, which undoubtedly increases the cost.

Third, market issues

The indoor trampoline park perfectly solves the problem of urban outdoor land tension, but it is accompanied by new problems. Because the indoor trampoline park is relatively remote, it is often not well-known. The support will be quite cold, and the marketing costs brought by the subsequent development of the market will be doubled, including small advertisements, TV advertisements, live promotions, etc. If you can open the market from these three aspects, cash flow can be guaranteed of.

Fourth, the project time to return

Fixed investment in indoor trampoline parks is relatively large, and once invested, the decoration cannot be dismantled, so investors will inevitably need to fight back. The average payback time for ordinary trampoline gyms is mostly between 8 months and 12 months. If you encounter force majeure factors, such as the outbreak this year, you need to pay both rent and business, which requires a lot of activity funds on hand, which undoubtedly increases investment.

Is the indoor trampoline park a high investment? Obviously, after understanding the above questions, you already have the answer in your heart. The indoor trampoline park holding millions of cash is only the basic cost. If you are more prepared, you can last longer. The opportunity for profit in the later period is considerable.