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Want A Longer-lasting Trampoline Park Operation? Mindset Change Is The Key.

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   How can we better manage the indoor children's playground for a long time? Experienced park operators believe they have figured out a set of tailor-made methods; and even those who are new to the amusement industry have seen many business strategies. Thinking is the most important thing in any business. If you want to do a good job in a children's paradise, you must have a change-oriented thinking and an empathy thinking.


Change thinking: find deficiencies and take the initiative to change

    From real purchases to online shopping, in this era of rapid update and iterative development, how to keep up with the pace of the times and guide or meet the needs of customers? It is very important for park operators to have a mindset of seeking change. Seeking change does not mean blindly "seeking change". Good content, the park can choose to keep, but there are some places where the park can do better, so you might as well make changes. Such as: novel children's amusement facilities, more intimate service awareness, more efficient publicity and promotion methods, more perfect business management models, etc., only by accumulating advantages bit by bit can we make our park more competitive.


Empathy: Thinking more about others

   Children's paradise also belongs to the category of the service industry. How to do a good job in the service of the park and attract more customers to consume is something we must consider. If the park operator has an empathy, it can help us to do a better service. Assuming you are a parent, what kind of play experience do you want your child to have in the children's playground? What kind of service do you hope to get in the children's playground? Everything starts from the needs of users.



When park operators have these two kinds of thinking, how should they be implemented into specific matters?

1. Regular disinfection, cleaning and safety

    The amusement equipment in the children's park needs to be disinfected and cleaned regularly to ensure that the equipment that children come into contact with when they come to the park is clean and hygienic, so that the children can play with confidence; there is also the design of less right angles and more arcs in the venue as much as possible; yes The entire children's amusement facilities must be regularly inspected for safety to prevent safety accidents caused by equipment leakage and loosening.

2. Add a rest and entertainment area for parents

   The main service object of the children's paradise is children, but you must know that when you go to the paradise for consumption, parents usually bring their children, and it is the parents who pay. It is not enough to keep the children, and it is more important to keep the parents. First of all, it is very necessary to set up a leisure area for parents in the children's park store. The leisure area should be facing the children's play area, so that parents can rest comfortably, and at the same time, they can also keep the children in the parents' line of sight at any time, which is convenient for parents to take care of the children. You can also add some video game consoles in the children's park to "retain" parents.

3. Recreation area supporting

   Mobile phones are the most commonly used tools in our lives. Install charging sockets and free WiFi in the parents' rest area, so that parents can charge their mobile phones, computers and other electronic products while taking care of their children. of parents take care of work while accompanying their children to play. In addition, shoe cabinets and lockers can be set up to facilitate the placement of parents and children's shoes and items, keeping the interior of the park clean and hygienic, and items placed in an orderly manner.

4. Multi-parent-child interactive amusement facilities

   Add some amusement facilities that parents and children can participate in together, so that parents can participate in it instead of waiting boringly, which is also conducive to the cultivation of parent-child relationship.

5. Regularly organize activities to increase stickiness

   Through observation, when children play in the children's playground, one of the most common behaviors of parents is to take pictures, and they are very happy to record the little things of their children's growth. By organizing activities, it can make customers more sticky and provide parents with a platform or environment to better record their children's growth.

6. Cross-industry cooperative promotion and management

   In the Internet age, promotion is a very important part of business activities. How to let more customers know about us and come to experience it, the promotion of different industry alliances is a good way. For example, customers who buy children's clothing in children's clothing stores will give free experience coupons (or discount coupons) to the children's park, and go to the children's park. Customers who consume, will be given discount coupons for children's meals, etc. "Cooperation", "sharing" and "win-win" are the main themes of business expansion, and the era of fighting alone is long gone.

7. Build a professional service team

   The service industry, of course, needs a professional service team. The children's paradise should employ some young women who have experience in raising children, such as kindergarten teachers, tutors or young mothers, and gradually build a professional service team through the competition of survival of the fittest.


   In addition to the above, there are many other details of the children's playground that need attention. It may be difficult to change the operator's thinking for a while and apply it skillfully to practice, not just a small step, but a thousand miles; running a paradise is not something that can be accomplished overnight.

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