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How To Invest In A Trampoline Hall To Efficiently Control Costs?

Date:2021-07-02 11:31:14 Visit:1484

Trampoline to rapid expansion speed quickly become a hot project in the domestic investment industry, especially the promotion and publicity of a variety of newborn network media platform, is now very popular with young people like leisure sports, many people are interested in the amount of money needed to invest in online trampoline hall, will raise the investment in a trampoline hall how much money this problem, especially worried about their financial resources can not support the investment, resulting in investment failure,  efficient cost allocation and risk analysis can greatly enhance the success rate of entrepreneurship.

This paper covers the following content.

1. Site and decoration rational choice

2. Reasonableness of equipment

3. Cost-effective operation

First, site and decoration rational choice

Investment in a trampoline hall, the venue is a very important part of the expenditure, especially in first-tier cities, it can be said that every inch of land is gold, plus the trampoline hall needs a relatively large area of the venue to operate, the rental expenses will bring a lot of pressure, different cities have different rental prices, the general price per square meter per month fluctuates between 30-60 yuan, the specific local actual shall prevail, want to efficiently control costs should choose the more affordable rent, the flow of people around the community, schools, to ensure that the source of customers, while trying to choose a simple and fashionable decoration style, do not pursue too much luxury, save the cost of expenditure.

Second, reasonableness of the equipment

Investors want to ask the biggest expense of investing in a trampoline hall is the choice of equipment, will probably account for more than 40% of the overall investment, there are many investments that the more trampoline hall equipment the better, more equipment will be more profitable, this idea is relatively one-sided, the core competitiveness is the diversity of equipment, to avoid multiple additions of the same equipment, but also to combine their  site reasonable planning for the addition of equipment, to have their ideas, do not blindly choose.

Third,cost-effective operation

The role of the venue's daily operation and promotion for profitability is quite large, you can hire employees with kindergarten teacher experience for closed training, with a very good service attitude to enhance the core competitiveness, recruit according to the local salary level, to promote offline plus online, while the equipment in the trampoline pavilion should be updated on time, for the market changes on time to adjust the direction of operations, so that you can continue to maintain your competitiveness and will not be forgotten by the market.

The most important investment is to make money, invest in a trampoline hall, the main expenditure in the trampoline hall and equipment, followed by late operation and promotion, while efficient control of investment costs is more conducive to shorten the return cycle.