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How About Trampoline Investment? What To Do With The Budget?

Date:2020-09-24 09:16:44 Visit:1606

Paying attention to the children’s amusement industry, you will find that trampoline halls are very popular in many cities. Although they are all trampolines, they have different layout and splicing, and the gameplay is greatly different, the attraction is enhanced, and the challenge is enhanced. It is not only liked by children, but also for some young people. People also prefer, the increase in consumer groups, the increase in profits. It also makes trampoline investment a concern for many investors. So what about trampoline investment? What should the budget do? Now let's understand what your basic costs are.
This article contains the following:
1. The venue
2. Preliminary investigation fee
3. Cost of purchasing equipment

4. Staff management expenditure


First, the venue

The first expenditure of trampoline investment should be the cost of this venue, so how much do you think the cost of the venue? In fact, this is not the same geographical location, and the money value paid is not equal, so we still have to choose the right venue according to the favorable conditions of our previous inspections. It does not matter if the venue is more expensive. The important thing is to have people flow. .

Second, the cost of preliminary inspection

During the preliminary inspection process, certain expenses will also be incurred. First of all, you need to take a car, and you need to have transportation expenses. There is a need to communicate with others, and there is a need for investment consulting work for some projects. At this time, the cost is not particularly high, but it also needs to be calculated in the budget.

Third, the cost of purchasing equipment

The cost of purchasing equipment is a large cost of investment, generally several million or hundreds of thousands can be spent. In fact, when purchasing equipment, it is not necessary to purchase trampoline equipment that is expensive, but you must choose the right one. According to the geographical location, according to the surrounding consumption situation to choose the appropriate equipment.

Fourth, employees manage various expenses

The wages of employees, the follow-up funds of the venue, and the corresponding procedures are all costs. Although these costs are not too much, they also need to be calculated in the budget.


I believe everyone already knows how to do trampoline investment. In fact, investing in this project is indeed very good. All investments and budgets need to be calculated clearly before starting to invest. Otherwise, the capital chain will break and it will not be normal. When the project is completed, the gain is not worth the loss.