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Free Jumping Area

In Free Jump Area, we could provide various trampoline aerobics fitness lesson for people who need to shape body, lose weight, and get relaxed after stressed work.

the expert study shows that five minutes jump in trampoline consuming the same calories as people thirty sports in treadmill, so it undoubtedly the best choice for those who want to shape body and lose weight. and also the data shows that jump ten minutes in trampoline consuming same calories as jogging for half an hours.
So long-term trampoline sports is good for body's metabolism and reduce the risk of fat.

Dodgeball area

Two teams line up against each other on a field of trampolines

with angled trampoline walls to face off with foam balls. The rules are simple: if you hit an opponent with a ball they are out. There can only be one winner!
Have fun with the "Air Attack" and the "Bounce, Twist, and Dodge"      

Slam Dunk Area

Have you imaged to dunk as a NBA super star? Trampoline slam dunk area will make your dream come true! You can do even more than that! With the help of bouncing force on the trampoline mat, you can easily make the slam dunking. Dunking skills not included! You are just a NBA Supper Star!      

Professional trampoline

Professional trampoline, also known as gymnastics trampoline, Olympic trampoline for National Gymnastic Athletes, has better jumping ability. You could achieve a variety of aerial tricks here which are more difficult, as it provides a higher space to play.

Soft Trampoline Wall

Soft Trampoline Walls are typically used together with professional trampoline. You fall down freely from the wall which is four or five meters high, with your back landing on the middle of the trampoline, then rebound in the air, and stand firmly after completing a series of rotational movements; giving another kick on the wall, you land on the trampoline safely and get ready to begin the next cycle of movements. Under the protection of the soft wall and the jumping mat,  you could enjoy the fun of defying gravity.

Foam pit

Jumping, turning over in the air and then falling into the foam pit pool is a cool expression for trampoline athletic people. In addition, there is a rock-climbing area nearby the foam pit pool, it makes people fully enjoy the excitement&simulation from the air to fall into foam pits. At the same time, for some vigorous exercise experts, they can see the valiant&heroic image by instant replay video.

Air bag

Come and experience what it is like to fly through the air and land on a cushion of air. That is what the Big Bag offers. Whether you are an experienced athlete practicing your aerial moves or a first timer trying out a somersault, the Big Bag offers you the ultimate soft landing.      


Trampoline Park New Game: Cageball
Function: Cageball is a place for participants in a one-on-one contest on an enclosed trampoline.
It is helpful for building balance, hand-eye coordination, body health and game strategy. And also it satisfies lively nature of children and helps for their emotional stability.      

Spider tower

Spider tower is a recreational game inside indoor playgrounds and indoor trampoline parks, which exercises children's strength. Kids struggle through the elastic threads and reach the top of the tower and then get to the bottom via the exciting typhoon slide after playing the punching bags.      

Climbing Wall Area

Trampoline climbing wall can build our bady softness.coodination and body strength.and the wall is enough to hold a man and climb as they want,the most importand is that can cultivate our attention to the things when we keep our eyes on the body when we move and climb,you can enjoy the interested climbing on this area.as you only lying down on the soft foam pit even you fell down from the wall,we will design a seperate area for the climbing wall and foam pitl,as it is dangerous if we design it near the trampoline mat when the children jump into the foam pit from the mat.


Pyramid, with four trapezoid trampoline mats. Players can do various actions by it, like flip, rotation and so on. If the play area is large and the inclined trampolines are far apart, pyramids are just like the inclined trampolines for players flip between them, do many cool actions.

Soft Barriers

Trampoline soft barriers, the software barriers can help Parkour enthusiasts complete all kinds of difficult movements, meanwhile, also can be used as a coach’s stage , coach stand above it lead us to do exercises, dances and so on. It also can be used as a resting area.

Kids Ninja Court

The Small kid’s Ninja Warrior Course also called obstacle course.It contains 
Jumping Spider Wall
Climbing Walls
Cargo Net Crawl
Balance beam
Heavy Punching Bags
Monkey Bars
Swing Steps etc.