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"Liben 立本" ,these 2 words are from The Analects of Confucius.It means that the 

foundation and law of everything are the gateways to success.



To be a respectable world first class enterprise.



Make people more healthy and happy.


  • Integrity: Insist on promises to customers, group and shareholders.
  • Customer First: Always customer oriented, creat values for customer.
  • Teamwork: Share and bear together, cherish each other, affect team positively.
  • Dedicated: Professional, dedication, excellence.
  • Undertake: Refuse any excuses, responsible for results.
  • Passion: High spirit and full of energy.
  • Learning: Cultivate the ability of achieving goals, constantly improve and self transcendence.
  • Innovation: Everything is changing, innovation creat the future.
  • Share: The more we share, the more we develop.
  • Gratitude: little help brings much return.